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  • What

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    • Remember playing as a child? 
    • How free you felt! 
    • You didn't give a hoot what anyone thought or said - you simply played!
    • You explored and experimented - you didn't think whether you were 'creative' or 'artistic' - it was all simply fun!
    • You threw paint! Made dens! Created stories and adventures!

    Then we 'grow up', get jobs, wear suits, commute in a big city and get on with our daily lives . . .


    Life gets a little grey. . . It feels like something got lost along the way . . .

    Our mission is to bring back that playful, fun, colourful side of you! The part that doesn't care so much what others think!

    The part that's wild and joyful and free!

    This is what our messy workshops are all about.

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    What we do


    We are passionate about playing with paint!

    We run messy paint-filled events!


    Our events include:

    • 'Warming up' in colourful ways!
    • A special plastic zone where you'll go as wild as you dare with paint!
    • Chill-out zone afterwards for you to continue playing if you wish

    You'll come away energised, vibrantly colourful and feeling more alive!


  • When

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    Next event - Thursday 14th September



    19.00 – 22.00
    Location Hive Dalston, 260-268 Kingsland Road, E8 4DG London

    – 5 min from Haggerston overland station
    £25 to cover materials and venue hire

    (a few £15 helper tickets are also available)
    Limited places so book early!



    What to bring

    Water soluble paints will be used but do bring along old clothes to wear, so you don’t mind getting messy - although these are the 'friendliest' paints possible they can leave some stains on clothes. The best option is to wear old clothes you'd like to 'upcycle' with colour!
    White or light coloured clothes will make you most colourful
    Goggles and shower hats welcome!


    Do get in touch if you have any questions.



  • Why

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    We believe that there's potential for much more aliveness, wildness, passion, play and most of all - Fun in our lives!


    Colour the City is a fun and safe space for you to play and explore what a wilder, more colourful life could mean to you.


    We'll get messy! We'll get a bit wild. We'll banish the grey!


    And you'll come away energised, inspired and more alive!

  • What others say

    And don't just take our word for it - here's what others say. . .

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    “really enjoyed the event. . . we all played and laughed like kids. . . it was liberating . . . I didn't think I could get that wild!”


    “Thank you for creating such a happy, fun, playful space!”


    “a brilliant event, i loved the mix of people and openness”

    “Thanks for organising such a fun and liberating event!”


    “an excellent experience. I enjoyed every minute of it even the clean up!” ('helper ticket' participant)

  • Who

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    Loving people and paint!


    I'm Debbie Warrener and I've been working to help people unleash their inner 'wildness' for seven years.


    I'm an experienced international trainer and coach passionate about helping people shine brightly and colourfully in the world.


    Colour the City combines my twin passions of people and paint. I love creating fun, inspiring experiences themed around connection and self expression!




    I'm also an artist and recently held my second solo London show ‘WiLD and True’ at Hive Dalston.


    This video shot at my last exhibition - in October 2016 - is about my passion for what I call 'Living WiLD and True'. This is what Colour the City is all about!


    Let's Colour the City together! Come along and colourfully play!


    Find out more about me here:




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